Major News!

Well it seems I have forgotten to pass on a rather major update.  The kids and I have survived the first year of Homeschooling!!!!!!!

Yes, Ladies & Gents, we have completed our first full year of homeschooling and are still willing to tackle another year.  The kids don't appear to be permanently damaged or scarred from my teaching methods.  They are looking forward to a month or more of free time and frankly so am I.

As a matter of fact, I started a new project the day after school finished.  I whipped the sewing machine out and started piecing a new quilt (which has now morphed into 3 new quilts.. don't ask, it just happens to me).  The kids have been seen playing on swings at 10am, trying to sink Lego Titanic, and being forced to take family walks with the dogs around the campground/Memaw's road/whatever is available.

We've purchased our summer shoes (you guys are so gonna laugh if you ever see mine in person).
That's all I've got for now... besides it's almost early hitch up time.


Congratulations - Thats a big accomplishment! Whip

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