Plannin and More Plannin

I had planned a nice post about how the planning was going.  As a matter of fact, I had an awesome pre-Bash trip planned.  I spent a few days working on it then a night or two going over it with Shawn to iron out all the details.

It included:

  1. two National Parks, including a nice long cave tour.
  2. Paducah, KY - The quilter's haven
  3. Jackson Center
  4. An Air Museum
  5. Detroit for my car loving boys
  6. Ohio Amish Country (while visiting a fellow Airstreamer)
  7. Then off to the BASH!
It's a good thing that I like planning since, as life often does, yesterday we got thrown for a loop and two days of planning went into the black tank.  Shawn found out he is going to a conference three weeks after we really hit the road again.   Not a huge deal BUT it does require a slight reordering of the itinerary.  We have four weeks to get to the East Coast for the conference then we will head up to Maine before turning south to the Bash.  We are hoping to make up a few of those cancelled stops after the Bash.

This also changes our plan to let the school curriculum lead us on our trip..... what is it they say about the best laid plans....


Hey Nicki with the new plan are you going to make it north of the border at all? Will you be able to get to my place this summer?

i am emailing you

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