Things You Have Missed

Things you have missed...

  1. Slightly Neurotic Nicki
  2. Energy Sapped Shawn backing up in the pitch dark while dodging two pines trees, a ditch, a stump, Southern Susie, Southern English Limey, and Slightly Neurotic Nicki.
  3. Energy Sapped Shawn trying to find the more than Slightly Slanted Driveway at Southern English Limey and Southern Susie's house.
  4. Slightly neurotic Nicki trying to out yell one slightly clueless southern English limey, putting  southern Susie to use while trying to figure out how to direct Energy Sapped Shawn when he can't see her hands or hear her yell over the engine, the dogs, Southern Susie and the Southern English Limey.
  5. Energy Sapped Shawn and Slightly Neurotic Nicki unhitching while Souther English Limey, literally, looked over our shoulders.
  6. Slightly Neurotic Nicki not getting pictures of the New Plastic Window Open Holder things being installed.
  7. Shawn & Slightly Neurotic Nicki trying to brush their teeth in the dark bathroom.
  8. More than Slightly Neurotic Nicki trying to act less Neurotic
  9. As usual .... not getting pictures of the New Bathroom Light Fixture getting installed.
  10. Did I mention Slightly Neurotic Nicki?
Pictures of the replacements will be forth coming.  Hopefully in a more expedient manner than pictures of the tailgate extending over the hitch.  Jason, you can stop laughing now... or not!


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