Design Refresh...

So, I spent yesterday cleaning out the truck (ewww, that back seat was nasty!), and re-organizing all of "my stuff" into new bins and bags (picked up a few waterproof bags to store the awning in, as well as the hitch parts, etc).  Since we're getting ready to head out for the 2nd leg of our big journey, I kinda figured it was time to do a creative refresh of the site (I believe the last one I did was right before we left on the 1st leg).

Spring cleaning and prep, I guess.

Oh, I also went down to the other Ford dealership today to get my speedo reprogrammed so that I wasn't always speeding (after the new tires, we would be going around 5 or so mph faster than what was being read), as well as getting the factory TPMS recalibrated for the higher psi's.


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