Hello Monday....Who Says It's a Life of Leisure

1.  Arrived "home" on Saturday.
2. Got mail that we had not forwarded for 3 weeks.
3.  Found among old landlord's new mail, a summons for Jury duty for Monday.
4.  Monday includes THREE dentists appointments that we had to wait SIX weeks for.
5.  We leave "home" on Friday for the 12 month tour.... I really can't wait six weeks for another appt.
6.  Jury Duty summons includes a dress code... somehow I'm pretty sure that dress code doesn't include jeans/shorts, tank tops/t-shirt, and Birkenstocks/barefeet shoes.
7.  Can't contact Court Clerk until Monday.
8.  Promised the kids to take them swimming... then remembered the dental appts and Jury Duty.


  1. Woke two hours earlier because I was sure I would end up at the court house trying to not get called for a Jury while in dark blue jeans, tank top covered with a sweater, and my Birkenstocks.
  2. On a whim, I called the clerk 30 minutes before I was due at the Court House and Praise (insert deity or exclamation of choice) they were in and decided that I could take a pass on my summons.  I will try to volunteer for it next time I am in.
  3. Rain started at 9am.
  4. AT 9:30, what was to be a light rain (Shawn left awning out) turned into a large thunderstorm which caused the awning to collapse a tent pole.
  5. AT 9:35, Shawn has to get off work call to put awning up because the wind (which wasn't suppose to be here) made it start flapping.  Apparently, I am too delicate to step into a thunderstorm to remove/put up the awning... and really, who am I to argue.
  6. Cut the final, I hope, squares to the three quilts that started out as one... don't ask!
  7. Went down to Mail Forwarding Office to find out why our ex-land lord's mail has started "suddenly and unexplainably" getting mailed directly and forwarded to our new address TEN MONTHS after we left.  Probably 5 months since the last time we received any of our own mail forwarded.
  8. Had mail service put on our account to please not send any of ex-land lord's mail when our mail was sent to us. (Escapee Mail Service Rocks!!!)
  9. Hurried back to take kids and self to dentist.
  10. We now have an orthodontic appt on Wednesday in north Houston (yeah)
  11. I now have a appt to get two cavities filled, one top left far back molar and the other is bottom right far back molar.  Tried to convince Shawn I needed the sedation option on the procedure... he convinced me that we would need a new tongue jack more then I needed to not remember getting two fillings.... durn it!
  12. Shawn requested a dinner out... who am I to argue!


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