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So this week we're in Graceland....ah, Graceland.  It's funny, we didn't really come to Memphis for any reason, outside of the fact that we're on our way up to Boston for a work conference, so this just seemed like a logical place to stop.  Actually West Memphis was were we were supposed to be, but let's just say that we didn't care much for the park we were going to be staying at, so we just decided to stay at the RV park on the Graceland grounds.

Anyway, after reminding our kids exactly who Elvis was (this was interesting, as they've heard his songs before, but didn't really know the context or anything), off to see the house we went.

A very large guitar outside of one of the exhibits...we arrived first thing in the morning, but had to wait to go over to Graceland proper.

The Graceland sign, as you approach the house.

The entry to the house...what struck me as funny is that all in all, it's really not all that big (I guess by today's standards).

The chandiellier in the entry.

The entry "living room" -- I hate all the white, but I do love the stained glass and the old TV!

The fireplace with the "classic" 70's gold-fleck mirror!

A painting of Elvis on the staircase.

This is one of the guest rooms -- oddly not all that over the top!

You can see the wallpaper and tile in the guest bathroom (you can't actually go into it on the tour, however).

The formal dining room, again, not too extravagant (except for the very, very blue curtains)!

This light, which is in the kitchen, cracked me up.  Being a child of the 70's, I remember my parents having this exact same fixture in our house!

Look at this awesome kitchen -- it's like walking into a larger version of my parents old house!

This is the game room...I can't say much other than wow!

More of the game room -- personally (unless I was taking some illegal substance) this would give me a headache!

The jungle room -- basically an indoor "patio"

The backyard of the property -- basically (if I remember correctly) Graceland was a farm/ranch, so there is a bit of acreage with the property.

One of the first Sun singles for Elvis.

More of his collections of gold records, etc.

On site, there is a car exhibid of Elvis's cars over the years -- this is one of his Roles Royces.

Elvis's famous Pink Cadillac

On site, there's also 2 of his private jets, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II.


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