Little Improvements

 We keep running into a little problem with our awning.  There are a lot of commercial campgrounds that do not allow stakes to be driven into the ground.  They have put in underground irrigation and a stake could hit a hose.  Summer is coming up and the awning makes a huge difference to the inside temperatures.  When we found out our next campsite would be one of those that don't allow stakes Shawn started to think about alternatives.

Here is what he came up with:
 Yep, he drilled a hole in a concrete paving stone, put a bolt through it, attached a carabiniere to the awning ropes, and then hooked it to the bolt somehow.

 Shawn pointed out that I had somehow failed to get pictures of the new cabinet doors in the bathroom.  I will admit it's not the best photo but maybe he will come along and get a better one.  For now, your stuck with mine.


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