A Maudlin Post

We have reached the last week of the "goodbye tour" and I have hit emotional overload.  It's ironic considering how badly we have been chomping at the bit to get out of the Texas/Oklahoma area but I have been battling a little low level depression this week.  I think my ignorance, on the previous trip, insulated me to what I am feeling now.  If you don't know that in 5 months you are going to be craving/wanting/missing/begging for the familiarity of someone who knows your story, then you can hardly miss it.  Something else that is ironic, we have spent more time with family and friends in the last four-six months than we did in the previous four-six years.  I know it's not like we can't just come back if it all gets to be too much.  I know we can.  Guess we just need to get out there and start having some fun...


Yeah! What IS your story anyway? No. Really. Don't go there. Just let me think about that Proper English Garden for a while.

When we got home a couple months ago (has it been that long?), I stumbled on this quote:

“But the riddle of Odysseus’s journey is not that he couldn’t go home, its that he didn’t want to.”

I'm STILL thinking about that one --and as anxious as you to get back out there.

See you at the Bash, if not before. We are Smokies bound, then up toward New Jersey before the 4th.

That quote about sums it all up! Although I did remember there are a few people worth making the visit for.....

We are headed in the same general direction. When are you headed back out?

Chiropractor willing, Wednesday morning. Patty is getting some relief from her "train wreck injury" and we will leave shortly after he gives the go-ahead.

You stay safe and maybe we will run into each other!

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