Our First Day Back On The Road As Told By Street Signs

So technically we left from Oklahoma but it really might as well have been Texas.  Besides I wasn't awake enough to get a picture of the Texas sign we pass so frequently that we don't see it anymore.  

We headed from South Oklahoma into Texas.  Look how they decorate freeways in the Lone Star State.

 After ages, we finally hit Texarkana.  You know the city that straddles both Tejas and R-Kansas(Arkansas).  The first indication of change was this sign:

 Then suddenly instead of the Star or the State of Texas, we saw this instead-
 Followed by this -
 Then there was the red I-Beams- (Why Red?)
 Hours later, an entire state, the most bathroom breaks anyone has ever needed to the horrendous road conditions, the second most scary gas station bathroom we've ever seen, a campground we decided to skip, a phone call, and this bridge -
 Our tired eyes were so very happy to see this -

 Are there Elvis fans on this blog?
 Yeah, baby!  We are parked right behind the Heartbreak Hotel which is next to the museum and ticket complex, which is across the street from -
 And one last one before Shawn composes the next post -

Can anyone tell me why it's always the scary bathrooms you get when you decide NOT to use the bathroom in your trailer due to the long line of children waiting to use it?


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