President Andrew Johnson

Today we had our first historic stop.  We visited the President Andrew Johnson National Historical Site.  Frankly, I knew nothing about Andrew Johnson.  The kids aren't the only ones learning something on this trip.  

They have onsite a reproduction of the house Andrew Johnson might have lived in before being apprenticed to a tailor.

After running away from his apprenticeship and out of state, Andrew Johnson's opened his own Tailor Shop in Greeneville, Tennessee.  They preserved the building of his original tailor shop.  As one point, it was the place to go for political discussion.

 A model of the inside of the tailor shop.
There is an early house which for some reason we don't have a picture of.  Eventually they bought the Andrew Johnson Homestead House.  This house has been through a lot.  The Johnson were evicted from it due to Andrew's pro-union leanings during the Civil War.  It was occupied by both Union and Confederates.  The confederates, left messages for President Johnson on the walls and they weren't nice.  Eventually Andrew sent his daughter to ready the house at the end of his presidency.  It has been restored to this time frame.

 Andrew Johnson's desk -
 Check out this awesome sewing machine.....
 One of the beds in the nursery room -
 Dining room -
 The basement kitchen.  There servants and slaves had to carry the food upstairs using an outdoor stair case.  Did you know it was common practice to require said servants and slaves to whistle while carrying the food?  Apparently, it is impossible to chew and whistle at the same time.
 Lastly, we drove over to see the final resting place of the Johnson Family - The Andrew Johnson National Cemetery also known as Monument Hill.  This is one of the few Cemeteries that the NPS administer that are still open for active burials for veterans.
 One of the beautiful views from Monument Hill -
Interesting things learned -
They used the Johnson's tailors scissors to cut the ribbon at the dedication ceremony when other scissors wouldn't work.
Johnson was the first president to be impeached but not removed from office.
The Johnson's started the White House Egg Roll.
Andrew Johnson, self educated for the most part, held almost every political position a man could.


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