Quilting In An Airstream...Again

All you men or non-quilters, feel free to skip this one.  Other than the fact that Shawn got the replacement TPMS sensors, there really isn't much Minerva wise to discuss.

I decided to reward myself with a new quilting project upon the completion of our first homeschooling year.  I went down to a quilting store in Ardmore, OK and purchased my supplies.  Then I ... we will say miscalculated when choosing my pattern, which I didn't discover until all my strips were sewn, cut and partially pieced.  So I had to purchase more.  Now instead of one full size quilt I will have at least three throw/lap size quilts.  (I do have a certain inability to follow instructions... including the ones I make for myself).

I don't have many pictures of the process because it messes with my concentration to stop and take a pictures but here are a few.

Cutting my strips into squares.... in an Airstream.  This is a bit difficult because I am accustomed to standing when doing rotary cutting and I had to sit since the table is too low.  Not to mention you can't put any pressure on the table.....

Ironing in an Airstream... yeah, like we have room for even the smallest of ironing boards.  This also must be done sitting down.

The first of the finished tops... but it's not the first finished in our Airstream.  There is a husband behind that quilt top.

Unfortunately, until I get the replacement part for my sewing machine I can go no further.  I do have the backing but I really, really, really don't want to hand sew that seam.....


please send me information about the tac walt disney. Do I call disney group reservations? What is the group name?
ledzeppelin airforums

How do you do the "Where Are We Now" gadget. Wil it work on Blogger?

Ledzeppelin on Airforums,
I tried to send you a pm with the information but you have set your account not to accept them. You can follow this link


We use blogger so it does work but I will have to defer this one to Shawn. I will let him know you are interested as soon as he gets off work!

never realized what a sexist you were...

Not a sexist... a realist. I've seen how many people check out my quilting posts as opposed to the repair or normal posts.....

Don't make me get the Great Dane after you!! He likes bacon more than I do... I will send him to stare at you with soulful/wistful eyes until you hand over the BACON! Even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn! Ever encountered a 145lb hungry/sad bacon deprived dane?

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