Sometimes Even This Life Sucks

Life has not exactly been good this week.  As a matter of fact, life has been particularly horrible this week.  There is one thing this family completely and universally agrees on and it's him:

We adore him, dote on him, laugh at him, and love him unconditionally.  I like to say we are stupid with love for this dog.  He helped my kids to conquer dog fear.  He reached in and snatched Shawn's heart before Shawn had a clue what was going on.  He taught me the bigger the dog the more there is to love.

It is not uncommon for Great Danes to have some big medical issues.  We knew this before we got him.  Neurological, spinal, hip dysplasia, and cancer all come to mind of the top of my head.  We have discovered in the last few days that he has the first three.  He went from a normal with a few neurological issues (dragging toes and slightly wobbly rear end) to being unable to stand up on his own.  He also lost his appetite, wouldn't drink, and was shaking in pain.  Off to the vet we go, after sedation and X-Rays we come home with some big words-

central spondylosis deformity
lumbosacral disease
intervertebral disc disease

a possible broken pelvis many years ago

AND just to add insult to it all at some point he was shot by a BB gun and the BB is still in his leg.

At this point we are living daily with an unsure future with him.  Both vets we have talked with (our vet in Texas and the vet here in Memphis) say that the next 48 hours will tell the tale.  Our regular vet calls this a major event.  He is home.  He is on steroids and we will be adding some medicine for arthritis tomorrow.  He has improved a bit but not enough to show us his normal personality.  We have no clue what the next few days will bring but have decided it is prudent to prepare ourselves and the kids for the possibility that he will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge here at Graceland while hoping/prayer/wishing that he continues on the journey with us.


Today was a better day. He was up and about more. He also looked more steady. We have added another medication to his routine. Hopefully things continue to improve.

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