A Tennessee Drive to Jonesborough

We left our overnight stop at the Cracker Barrel this morning after a pleasant breakfast and some coffee.  I do love coffee on a driving day and it's usually the one thing we don't fix.

Here are just some random shots of driving down I-40 east towards Jonesborough, TN

 We are still trying to figure out what this is?

We had an early arrival time (around 3pm) so we unhitched, unloaded, plugged in and hit the road into Jonesborough.  This is a lovely town for exploring.

 We found this in the candy store -


 Pretty House -
 A veteran from the French & Indian War built this cabin and one of our presidents lived in it for a brief time.

 Pretty building -

There is probably much we didn't see but we walked down the main street, browsed a few of the stores, snapped some pictures, and ate one of the best linners (lunch/dinner) we have had in a long time at the Creekside Restaurant.


To me the gold ball thingy sure does look like a doplar radar station that's been decorated.

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