Expanding to Facebook

So, we've decided to expand a bit start using a bit more social media, rather than just the plain old blogging (which, at this point is a bit old-fashioned).  Anyway, like us on Facebook, and we'll put notifications of new blog posts and such on our wall and allow for more "real-time" communication.




I like blogs. The blog medium can share much more information in an easy to read layout than Facebook, Twitter, or whatever.

Although real-time is now not that important to my social life, I am on Facebook, and like it for what it is good at.

On the flip side, I have a list of blogs which are checked regularly for updates.

My worry (and the reason for this comment) is that you will condense your adventures to Facebook posts instead of blog posts. That is your prerogative.

Good luck with your expansion,

We will do our best to avoid doing that. I am usually a bit too long winded for that. Besides I prefer blog reading.

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