From The River To The Harbor... Can Someone Tell Me Where I am?

We left our little spot on the Nolichucky River in East Tennessee Friday after work.  I have to 'fess up, I forgot to take the camera in the truck... twice.  I missed the Virginia state sign.    We had planned on driving just a few hours and stopping before Roanoke.  We had intended taking two days to get to Baltimore and staying at the Patapsco State Park on Sunday night near a certain Frank person.

We ended up just a wee bit beyond Roanoke, VA in Staunton at a Cracker Barrel.  Cracker Barrel has become our new favorite place to overnight.  They tend to be a bit more peaceful.... except for the train that shook the trailer every so often last night.  We decided since we'd made it so far to take our time and just go straight to Patapsco today.  On a whim we headed into the Shenandoah National Park and drove the last part of the Skyline Drive.  I was tempted to stop but all the campgrounds open in the Park were 20 miles south of us and it was only 9am.

Getting to the Shenandoah National Park-

Actually in the park-
This marks the first time, shameful I know, we have pulled Minerva into a National Park.  Poor girl doesn't get to earn her camping badge though -

Hey, what's that in the road?  Ahhh... it's so cute!
It's a baby bear.  Oh, wait ... don't stop.. cause momma isn't far away.

Random shots along the way-

Another state sign to add to our collection -
Somewhere along here I missed the Virginia sign for the SECOND TIME.  Me and Virginia road signs have issues.
Hey Frank, we are in Maryland!  I have to say Maryland has a very different type of sign than most states.
What does that sign say?
Pretty tired now so we stopped into Patapsco Hollofield campground.  They tried to accomodate us by giving us a tent spot.  Although we could fit, we just didn't think it was going to work (they were exceptionally nice too).  We figured all the other State Parks would be full, so we headed over to a commercial RV park instead.

We found this blocking the entrance to our destination.  Only the house/building was in the middle of the street.  It looked as if it had fallen off the truck!

We finally pulled in and I was so wiped out that I couldn't remember the right order to unhitch the trailer.  At least I put the chocks in first though.  Shawn comes back from the office and I was trying to figure out if the weight distribution bars came off before undoing the stinger.  It's not like I do this every week or anything!

Finally there was the "Companies coming over house cleaning" since Frank will see the trailer Monday.  I know it's silly since we will tow it in two days and it will be dirty by the time we arrive but some of the southern house proud sunk it and I couldn't NOT clean it.

Just want to send a shout out to The Best of The Cornfed, I am coming to see you!


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