A Quilter's Post Even Frank Will Like

As some of you may know or can see here, I like to purchase a little bit of fabric for a quilt at every stop we make (when it's available) for a trip quilt.  The last one was... well... wider than the Airstream.  I wasn't really looking today but on the way back from the laundromat we saw a Quilt Store with a SALE.  Yeah, I know.  I have a problem.  The problem is about to take over the Airstream.  Honestly, I have more quilting fabric stashed in Minerva than I had before we left.  I have THREE quilt tops that need quilting, two stops that need sewing, a neck pouch or three to work on..... but I digress.  

At this little (or not) quilt store, I found this great fabric.  It had this on it -

Then there was this - (I have a not so secret desire for one of these)

This as well...
 This too -

When possible I try to find fabric that represent the area.  I think this says Maine Coastline....
 On this one I know what your gonna say "But your not as Disney yet...", true but how could I resist.  It is where we will end up!!

For those interest, they had an entire line of camping fabrics.... at least two other patterns with Airstreams on then.....


Ooh, I like the fabric too. Yep, I have the same problem. Way too many UFO's.

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