The Hand Sprayer Installation & The Jinx

Shawn swears I jinxed him but, honestly, it was just a matter of time.  He was having some minor problem with something, I don't remember what, in Minerva and I said "At least it's not the plumbing..."

This story starts innocently enough.  I had been wanting the hand spray kit for our Aqua Magic toilet.  We did not get the kit when we replaced the toilet and frankly it just makes life a bit easier.  Shawn did some research and discovered a way to use a regular kitchen sink sprayer.

Now as some of you might know, Minerva is a bit touchy about her plumbing.  She gets a bit cranky when you start messing with it.... well, really cranky.  Shawn followed the instructions for using the kitchen sprayer and nothing.  There just wasn't enough water pressure to run it.  He did some research and discovered that something appeared to be clogging the water module.  Can you see where this is going?

After another Battle Royale with the plumbing, Shawn thinks he's got it cleaned out (don't ask... I wasn't crazy enough to be listening to him) and suddenly..... there is NO WATER COMING OUT OF THE TOILET but many an unrepeatable words from Shawn's mouth.  The water module was broken.  Did I mention it's 9pm?  Thank goodness RV toilets don't work like household toilets.

I found an RV store an hour away in Bangor.  Their website stated they had the part in stock.  Shawn left long before I wanted to think the next morning to find the part.  They did not have one in stock but they did pull one off a toilet in one of their rigs.  They run out  of those pretty fast at this RV store.... hmmmmm.

Shawn installs it.  You know how from RV park to RV park the water pressure varies.  Well, apparently the water module had gradually clogged up and we just thought it was water pressure.  When he flushed the toilet for the first time the water pressure went from a trickle to a geyser in 1.5 seconds.  Oh, the Walmart bought hand sprayer works just fine......


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