Stoppin In To See Frank

Finally the big day had arrived, we finally got to meet this really nice guy named Wayne and his cantankerous boss named Frank.  Ok, sorry everyone ... Inside joke.  Frank... I just had to do it!  Both Frank and Wayne were great.  

Here are those new axles.  
 Here is Minerva either spitting out or trying to swallow Frank, I'm not sure which.
 Wayne seems to be faring a bit better at least he is keeping everything but his arms away from Minerva.
 Frank, just as he realized that Shawn wasn't joking about having to let air out of the tires before you could get them out of the way.
 Wayne checking out the same thing -

After warning Frank how cantankerous Minerva could be to anyone messing with her axles/brakes/bearings and Frank allowing us to temporarily store some of our stuff so it wouldn't get stolen from the back of the truck, we went on our merry way.  

The Days Itinerary -
First stop - Dropping the Dogs off.
Second stop - Breakfast
Third Stop - Fort McHenry
Fourth Stop - Crab Cakes
Fifth Stop - Pick dogs up
Six stop - Pick Minerva up

1. check
3. check
5. check
6. check

Four out of six ain't bad right?

We arrived back to find Minerva had behaved and not given them any problems.

Talked with Frank for a bit while Wayne endured the "help" of my children (Thanks Wayne.  I am sure they didn't stop talking the entire time they had you captive).

We gave Frank an unintended demo on how to hitch up a Hensley, not to worry he got the Disney version.  I kept my language clean....

Eventually it was time to leave, and all I can say is I can't wait to see him again at the BASH!  Not to mention meeting his family... 

Hey Frank - Love the office!

Hey Chris - We saw the outside of your trailer!!

Shawn says Minerva tows like butta and she rides about 3 inches higher.


Nickki or Shawn you must have very good eyesight as I picked up the liner on the 25th of April to bring it home to Canadianize it.

my bad... there was one there that I thought was yours. I thought you left a trailer at Frank's when you picked up another one....

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