The Upper Chesapeake Bay

So, today me and the kids (sans wife -- she's really not into the military "stuff") went out on a cold, drizzly morning to go to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where up until a few years ago, there was one of the largest collections of tanks ever assembled.  Although a lot of the "historically important" pieces have been moved to their new home (Fort Lee), there's still a lot left behind.  My son loves Greatest Tank Battles, some show on the Military Channel (which he only get's to see when he's at his Mimi's house), and because of this, he loves tanks.  He'll talk about them, draw them, have imaginary battles with them...his favorite is the M1-A1 Abrams (yes, this just came out of his mouth as I asked him).

Anyway, we had a blast (although it was cold, and the grass was wet and 6" tall, and our feet were soaked through), and here's a bunch of pictures (I don't know what all way there, but it was pretty cool -- from what I could tell, as not all of them were marked anymore, there were mostly German and Soviet -- yes, Soviet, not Russian, tanks, along with a few US and Italian ones).

One thing of note in all of these photos, this is a 16 INCH GUN!  It was huge, and was originally developed to be part of the Lexington-class ships....but due to some treaty being signed (again, I can't remember which) the Navy was unable to use them, so they pawned them off on Army.  The Army decided to put them near the harbors, and use them as anti carrier guns!  I have to say that the shells were massive, and actually taller than me (and I'm 6'2").

After going to the APG, we decided to head into Hayre De Grace and visit the Concord Point Lighthouse, as well as the promenade around the Upper Chesapeake Bay area.

Funny little caption here...the reason why we're even here is to get our axles replaced at Frank's Trailer Works....Frank, of said establishment was camping this weekend in the Elk Neck State park, which is literally right across the bay in this picture (you probably can't see it in this picture, but the little map shows it directly across from the lighthouse)...Howdy Frank!


I kind of spent my adolescence crawling around at the Ordinance Museum. Most of the collection was captured tanks from the cold war times. How you covertly steal a tank is beside me.

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