Contemplating The Unthinkable

When we purchased sweet Minerva, we had no plans to fulltime.  We simply wanted something to camp in and use for our vacations.  After less than a year, weekends turned into over a year long journey.
We knew that Minerva's time was limited with us due to her floor plan  or we would have to gut her.  As we are still full timing it is not possible to gut her and start over.  Nor do we have cash readily at hand to pay someone or time to wait for someone to do another trailer (I wish) while we try to live our life in Minerva.  Our children have grown to the point that we need a new trailer very soon.  I swear those imaginary children shoot up at remarkable speeds.  Being imaginary, we should be able to keep them at the height and age we like them... but they just don't listen.

We somehow ended up trying to prove you could fulltime in an Airstream with kids.  Well the honest answer is you can but with our floor plan you have to sacrifice a few things to do it like beds that stay made.  It sounds like a stupid thing to wish for but you make beds every night and unmake them every morning for 370 straight days, it gets a little old.  Grey water... how I long for that grey water tank.  There are full hookups galore in the west but not so much in the North East, and many places in the Upper Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, north Nebraska just to name a few).  In 1971 we were self contained, in 2012, due to government regs we are not.  Yes, we have a blue boy and do use it occasionally but it creates a lot of extra work for Shawn and the poor dude has enough on his plate most of the time.  Trying to find a campground with full hookups that has a decent review (safe for kids) has become my nightmare and if we only had a grey tank so many more places would be available to us for weekly stays.  Not to mention we could, in theory, move more often because we wouldn't always have to completely hook up.  I know the grey tank gets full just like the blue boy but I do believe having one would make our life a bit easier.

Not to say we haven't loved Minerva because we still do.  She has given us an amazing opportunity, sheltered and protected us.  Durn it she is just so cool and it always gives me a thrill to see that silver gleam as we pull into the campground.  Over the last two years, we've scoured the Airstream floor plans to find something that would work.  We need something with one full size bed and two twin beds.  Frankly, we (I) need to not have to make and unmake beds everyday.  Unfortunately, for our needs, we can't seem to find anything short of gutting Minerva and re-designing her.  One of the things I love about Minerva are the original details.  I'd even consider buying a brand spanking new Airstream if they had one that was truly designed for a family in mind but they really don't.  So now we are contemplating what was a year ago unthinkable.... Some Other Brand.



Try finding a used 30' Airstream bunkhouse like used by Rick Luhr of Airstram Life. Also Timeless travel is authorized to build new Airstreams using the Airstream chassis and shell. However this could be costly. They will build any layout.

Good luck in whatever you do

I thought immediately of the Bunkhouse as well. They are rare but they do come up every so often on the forums and eBay. Pretty much anyone will finance a newer Airstream in good condition (Bunkhouses were 05-06), I think. There was a guy at PennWood that had one for sale last Oct. I'm not sure if it's sold yet. I've not looked at many newer floor plans but I would think that there's a 30' out there with a front bedroom and twins in the rear. Likely would be more costly than a bunkhouse, but perhaps worth it. Your newer F150 should be able to tow either one.

At the risk of being banned on these blogs, might I suggest a 5th wheel, such as the wonderful Open Range 413 RLL. It has a bunk house, lots of room and is nice to look at even if nowhere nearly as beautiful as Minerva,or DIVA for that matter.

Frank we don't bann for such things. Part of our problem is the GVWR on our truck and we can't replace both the truck and the trailer. I pulled up the specs on the 30ft Airstream and we can't safely pull it or a 5th wheel with the current ride. Besides finding a 30ft Airstream Bunkhouse is a problem in itself most of the time.

We are still looking at the options and trying to figure it out BUT as it stands now we will be keeping Minerva at least until after the BASH!

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