Dear Sweet Minerva

Dear Sweet Minerva,

You have been a blessing to us.  The places you have housed us in and the vistas we have towed you past have been amazing.  You have given us the natural wonders in Custer, Fourth Of July on Laura's Praire, you baked us in a Kansas field, we viewed a gorgeous double rainbow just over your roof in Colorado, and out your door we looked upon the gorgeous sunsets on the grasses in Garryowen.  We experienced a soft misting rain in Washington before parking you amongst the foggy Coastal Redwoods of California.  From the heat between Death Vally and Viva Las Vegas to the snow of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, literally from California to Maine you have housed and protected us and we have loved you.  You have been a family game night saloon, a one room school house,  a family cinema, a craft room, Shawn's Diner, a work office and a home.  

We will have plenty to laugh over.  Nicki's fear of the hot water tank flame, the leak you sprang in Coarsegold that took Shawn about 3 days to get fixed the way he wanted, the tires that never wanted to come off, the overhead guillotine tambour doors, and the frustration of the forever wet bathroom counter.  These stories will become family legend and lore.

Though you have seen our laughter, joy, heartache and tears for the past two years, the kids are getting big now, Minerva.  We are outgrowing your design.  We are all starting to crave just a little more space.  The kids want a little more room to spread out.  They want to leave their toys out during lunch.  I want to be able to sit somewhere, anywhere, and not have to move in order to keep Shawn or the kids happy.  Sure we could gut you but then you wouldn't be our Minerva.  Your vintage appearance is what we love about you.  We also just don't have the time or a place right now.

You have been the perfect starter trailer for us but our time together is coming to a close.  It's time for you to find your next family to explore with, as it's time for us to find our next trailer to make a home in.  Nothing will ever compare to the time we spent Airstreaming Dreaming with you.

Nicki, Shawn, & the Imaginary Kids


Great post. If you're lucky, some deserving people will be found to enjoy her as much as you have. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home.

Very sad to see her go; I've been following your travels for some time and feel like a friend has departed. Between the dogs and Minerva this must be a terribly emotional time for you. The pics of towing her away were probably the saddest. I'll bet you could have auctioned her off and gotten a very good price from someone who's been following your travels. God Speed on your upcoming transition.

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