Seven States & The GWB

I failed again to remember to get the camera out when we left our campground in Maine but it was later in the day and most of the pictures wouldn't have come out good anyway.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking too it... so there!

After a very interesting night in Sturbridge, Mass that included a Cracker Barrel, a Walmart, the police, the police helicopter, and a strange noise that sounded like something jacking up something else.  We find ourselves headed south toward Washington, D.C.  Most of which I don't have pictures of (hey, lack of sleep) but these I did get-

And Airstream Stuck in Traffic

Trying to get on the -

Still trying to get on the GWB -

Hey... a bit of progress

Finally - Sweet Non-Home (Hi, Dunellen) - FYI over $40.00 in tolls to get through Jersey on the Turnpike

Then there was this -

Finally, after seven small states, and over 12 hours (thank you GWB) we arrived at our current "home".

PS.  The smell of NYC hasn't changed in the 3 years since we visited.


Look on the bright side. The ratio of tolls vs gas is a lot less then if gas was .99 cents a gallon. That equates to approximately 75% savings on tolls.
Hope you enjoyed Maine, my home state.
The kids are getting an education very few ever even think about.

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