Some Other Brand (It's Not All White On The Outside)

We think we have found the one.  It feels right.  We have a deposit down on it.  It has good bathroom storage.  It has bunks.  It has a dedicated living space with a big dinette.  There is floor space for the kids to play on.  It has a dedicated bedroom space.  Shawn will no longer have to worry about us disturbing his work or his work disturbing us.  No one will have to walk thru the bedroom to get the bathroom.  It has electric awnings and only a single small slide.  It even has an outdoor kitchen, although this wasn't actually a selling point as I would rather have the storage but it is what it is.

It's one major flaw, it's not silver on the outside but it's not all white either.  Yes, I will miss that flash of silver that says we are home.  However, home is the core of the problem.  We need something that works more like a house than a camper because right now we just aren't campers.  Over the past year we have learned there can be a world of difference between camping and living in your RV.  Sometimes we act like campers but most of the time we don't.  This is our life.  We still have school 36 weeks out of the year.  Shawn still works every Mon-Fri.  Everyday is filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, playtime, showers, reading, and bedtime.  Life as you know just in a really small space.

We have had to eat our share of crow as we now understand why they put TV, Satellite Radio, iPod/iPhone connections, full size refrigerators in the new units.   Not to mention why electric stabilizers and awnings can be good ideas.  Do we think they are necessary? No, but we can understand why they are there.  We also understand why slides are so popular.  Space or the lack of it can become a huge issue over a period of time.  Still not sure I  understand the marble counter tops and floors though...but to each their own.

Just to be clear, we have looked at Airstreams.  We've been looking ever since we bought Minerva.  I have been dreaming of what our next Stream would look like.  Our problem is time and our tow vehicle are against us.  We don't have time to create the perfect Airstream for us and what we now realize we need.  For our current living situation, we would have to create it and replacing both the trailer and the truck is not an option at this point.

Now the only questions are -
will everything go through with the new trailer?
is our blog readership based solely on our rig?


Are you guys going to make it to the Bash III?

Had you of asked us that last night the answer would have been "Heck Yes". However, due to the events of this morning we are no longer sure.

Hi Nicki,

Yesterday I sent the following email to Ace. "Hi Ace,
Today I asked Nicki and Shawn (Airstreaming Dreaming) if they were going to the Bash III. They responded with,

'"Had you of asked us that last night the answer would have been "Heck Yes". However, due to the events of this morning we are no longer sure."'

Sounds like they are getting their new SOB and maybe afraid they won't be welcome. If we want them there, you may need to give them a special invitation."

---End Quote---
He responded,:

Hey Bill

Please let Nicki and Shawn know they are very welcome to come to The Bash. They will not be the only SOB there. My brother and Dave P will have there SOB's there too.

See Ya Soon

Hope you guys can make it. Bill and Nora Whirl

Hi Bill,
I want to thank you so much for your concern. You have really made my day just a wee bit better. Our lives have been a bit topsy turvy lately and we don't share everything on our blog. We lost another pet this week and got unexpected invitation (today) from a family member in PA for that weekend.
Thanks for caring and going that extra step!

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