We just can't Make it....

Just an update, although I addressed this in the comments of a previous post, I think I need to address it in a regular post.  I have received several emails and pm's from various Airstreamers concerning our deciding against attending the BASH.  

Shawn and I have decided against going to the BASH.  Despite concerns, this has NOTHING to do with not having an Airstream anymore.  Frank, Ace & all the hosts have always welcomed one and all (regardless of RV type) to come to the BASH.   Heck, someone actually bought their first Airstream while at the BASH last year.  We have heard from several of the hosts encouraging us to come in the new RV.  No one is more disappointed than I that we will not be going to the BASH.  I have waited over a year to meet so many of you.  

I understand that people who read this blog and follow us on Facebook have a vested interest in our travels and lives.  I knew when I started writing this blog that I was throwing out a welcome matt and opening a door into our lives.  However, that does not mean I share everything that happens in our lives.  Sharing our experiences with travel, having to switch travel trailers and the loss of our dogs involves just us.  This blog is public and I won't use in a way that could hurt or embarrass myself or others. 

Having said all this, I understand that the decision not to come appears to be a reaction to us getting an SOB.  This decision has everything to do with a multitude of a multitude of things going on in our lives not what type of trailer we tow.  I know to some it looks like we are on a permanent vacation.  Though we get to see things some people don't, it is still just life.  With all it's joys, heartaches, laughter, and dramas.  Sometimes what you want to do and what you need to do just aren't the same.

It does NOT however, have anything to do with wether or not we feel welcome at the BASH.  Frank and the rest have made that it clear we can still come if we want too.  For that, you guys are the best!


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