Blog Quandary and the New Trailer

So Shawn and I have been in a quandary about this blog.  

Should we continue sharing our journeys with you on this blog, despite the fact that from now on the name is misleading?  Depending on our mood, it seems unfair to our friends and readers to quit blogging but it can also seem wrong to continue using this name when we don't have our Minerva anymore.

Should we just take a hiatus from blogging period?  This has been a rough six months.

Or should we pick a new blog name and run with it?

Opinions?  Post them below.

Here are some pictures of the new "house" -

Gone but not forgotten -  Shawn took a picture of Minerva's door with all her stickers on it.

Just makin it home -


Well, considering you have yet to say what brand it is I cannot brainstorm a new name for you. Here are a few though; Full time Dreaming, Our NOT White Box, On the Road with the Kelly's, The Kelly Family Full Time Fun, We Morn for Minerva, Don't Hate Our NOT WHITE Box.
Give me a brand name and I'll give you a few more...
Keep blogging please. I for one enjoy reading and you need not feel guilty for no longer owning an Airstream.

some of those are just hilarious. Don't hate our not white box....

You know the term in the Airstream world for anything else (regardless of color) is SoB. My suggestion would be that you change the name of the blog (is that possible or must you start a new blog?) to SoB Dreaming. It retains your connection to Airstreaming because you call your new camper an SoB but also shows the separation / change.

And yes, those of us that follow you want to continue to read about what it is to full-time with kids and to travel the country; even if you're not doing it in an Airstream. Although, I've never sought-out blogs of non-Airstream full-timers.

It was our plan, Jason. Suck you in, get you hooked, then sail the Stream.....(insert maniacal laugh)!!

I have the post written but now I am having a hard time picking the name. Frank and you have provided me with some good naming material.....

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