My Favorite Little Slice Of PA

Sorry about the picture quality.  I took it with my iPhone in a moving vehicle.  I assure you that it was even better to gaze upon than this picture shows you.
Our parking spot for the week.  It was deluxe accommodations.  Well water, Electric,  private swimming pool, croquet course, bocce ball, wiffleball field, massive campfire, s'mores, outdoor entertainment station, corn toss facility, uneven shuffle board course, beauty salon, apparel decoration and some Tie Dye Olympics.  Not to mention, copious amounts of alcohol (1 month detox has begun).
 We don't have any pictures from our first adventure but I'd like to give some big cudos to the imaginary kids.  They rode nine miles to eat lunch, 7 miles back to wait on the truck and with very few complaints.  All the adults were impressed with them.

Now on to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  Many, many moons ago when my nephew was my son's age we hiked down this thing called the Turkey Path to play in the Crik (creek for us southerners).  Here are the pictures that the imaginary daughter took -

 Some adults took these -

If you look at that piles of rocks on the left of the picture, Sister and I built that to leave behind.  There are many of these at the bottom of the Crik......

 Then it was time to hike the 1.5 mile back up to the top.  Fair warning should you try this.  The trail has eroded much in the last ** years and the bottom has some stairs to climb.  Take them nice and easy, unlike me.  Attacking them will just make the journey to the top much more difficult..... just saying.


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