There's Coal in Them There Hills!

In Beckly, West Virginia they have the Exhibition Coal Mine.  Attached to it is an RV park.  After fleeing from Virginia, we decided to meander our way into West Virginia.  I found this RV park and off we went.

Not only do you get to go into the Coal Mine for a 35 minutes via train ride and talk from an actual retired miner, you also get to look into an exhibition coal mine camp.  They show you the superintendents house, a bachelor's cabin, a family's house, and the church.  They also have a children's museum and an old settler's village to walk thru.  In the gift shop they also have some mining artifacts.  A note hear, the pictures are from Shawn's phone and many of the areas were very dark so picture quality isn't so good.

Superintendents' Desk

"I owe my soul to the company store"-

The Superintendent's House -

One room school house -

The Bachleor's Cabin (Shanty) was also used by married men whose families did not live in the camp.

The Settler's Village Mercantile

The weaver's cottage.

The "rich" people's house -

Now on to the Coal Mine


I love those old mine tours! It's just amazing to see how folks lived back then. Hours of work toiling in the mine and then just the basic necessities of life. So different from how they live now.

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