Lost River Cave

We had moved from Cave City into Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Bowling Green has quite a few things to offer the tourist including the Corvette Factory (no cameras allowed), the National Corvette Museum, Historic Rail Park Museum and The Lost River Cave.  From the above title you can tell which one we went to next.  Yes, indeed we have gone subterranean again.  I'm sure that this is a total shock to you, right?  Ok, I'll get on with the story.

This is not your "normal" cave tour.  First we met our guide at the top of a hill and spent time looking at the terrain outside the cave.  There was actually just as much time talking outside the cave as inside.  Now do you see this nice tranquil blue pool of water, according to our guide this pool of water is quite the killer.  It took several Confederate soldiers, their horses, and a wagon to a very mysterious end.  The only thing recovered was a hat floating on the water.  When the Union Soldiers claimed Bowling Green, they were warned by the departing Confederates about the pool.  A Union soldier decided to find out how deep the pool was, a friend jumped in to figure out what happened to the first, then another one decided to "save" the other two.  The fourth went up to report the loss of the first three.....

The entrance to the actual cave -

Local legend has it that Jesse James once used the cave as a hideout -

This cave entrance was once used as a nightclub and it's still used for special functions.

No, that is not the boat we are going to ride in -

This cave is slightly different from most of the cave's we have visited.  Most caves we have visited, though still forming, don't show it as much as this one.

You could actually see tiny stalactites forming on the ceilings.  Our guide told us they have a hard time getting big as the cave still floods -

This cave tour is completely different from any tour we had been on so far.


We've been there! It's such a neat place.

I am WAY behind on your blog and have just looked at it long enough to realize you have moved on from Minerva! My goodness! I have some catching up to do! More blog comments coming soon...

Happy Travels!

Thanks for posting the great pics. So happy to know that someone is living my dream by traveling the country in search of hidden treasures. For now I'm happy to have nice folks like you come to see us.
Executive Director at Lost River Cave, Rho Lansden

We had a wonderful visit. Our guide was very enjoyable and engaging. We enjoyed it very much.

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