Moving On, Moving Forward, Moving Backward?

We are on the move again but only for a short while. We have moved weekly since February.  For some reason or the other being unable to take that rest stop every six weeks and often needing to do those dreaded mid-week moves.  Often aimlessly choosing destinations because I'd just never recovered  my planning mojo after changing our plans to hurry to Boston.  This whole trip just felt like one long line of reactionary events.

To be honest, by the time we reached Bowling Green we were exhausted.  We spent a month resting in Bowling Green, Ky but it just didn't seem to be enough.  The kids enjoyed not hitching up weekly as did we.  When it was time to go to Paducah (oh, how I wanted to visit this quilting mecca but it was not to be), my daughter tells me that she's just not looking forward to moving.

As the parents, Shawn and I had promised that at any point if one family member (no matter the age) wanted to stop then it was time to reassess our situation.  Now I am not saying we are done fulltiming.  We may decide to part time.  Or we may return to being vacation and weekend warriors.  I honestly can't tell you what is in the cards but I can tell you that my children's desire to be stationary for more than a month is important.  We decided that we needed a nice quiet place to rest for a few months then head to Florida to spend several months.  Then we'd know if it's just a question of recharging our batteries or if it's time to sinks some roots into a hometown.


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