My Favorite Backyards, So Far - WCH Guest Blog #4

I've done it again, posted on that other camping blog at Wecamphere.com.  The process is really interesting for me.  I get to walk back in time through the posts I shared with you guys.  I get to look back on the pictures and remember what it was like standing there and feeling the awe of some many places.  There is both excitement and addiction of finding that next awe inspiring site or spirit touching experience.  In many cases, writing these guest blogs reminds me of the new fresh full timer feeling.  You see I usually read the post once they get posted to see if I can find any spelling errors and then I mentally move on just like we physically move on.  When I guest blog, I get to look at it again and write about our experiences from a different prospective.

My Favorite Backyards - So Far


Wow this is awesome and what I would love to do with the kids. Seriously considering this as my husband can work from anywhere (programmer). Tired of the rat race. Think there is so much more to show the kids and for them to learn by traveling. We used to live on our boat for years. I miss it greatly. Looking forward to reading your posts and asking questions. Q1: Do you feel the children have been able to meet/make friends or are you too transient for this? Are there other children RVing as you do? Thanks! Anne and her crew

Thanks for the wonderful question. I am currently writing a blog post response on wecamphere to answer your question. Thanks again... I'd hit a dry spell

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