WeCampHere - The Spanish Inquisition

Ok.  So it wasn't quite the Spanish Inquisition but the title made me think of the Monty Python sketch and if you were to see the person who runs Wecamphere.com you would understand just how funny that is.  Anyway, instead of a guest blog post we did an interview instead.

First up, this is not really Airstream related but more travel and life related.

Second item, here is your chance to ask questions.  Just leave a comment on the Wecamphere blog.    Yeah, we usually respond to any questions left in our comments.  No, I don't think my life is all that interesting just different but if there was a question you wanted to ask... go for it.  I reserve the right NOT to answer if I don't wanna but I will try ....



OK, so who are you? I did not see an "About" tab. What is the relationship between Airstream Dreaming and AirJaycoDreaming and Wecamphere? If you don't want to make this info public could you send me an email please.

No email needed-

Shawn changed the logo from Airstreaming Dreaming to AirJaycoDreaming after we sold Minerva. We did not want to launch a new blog but wanted to give newcomers an idea that we no longer had an Airstream. We didn't want to misled them.

We Camp Here -
I frequent a forum of people who are big fans of Fort Wilderness and Walt Disney World. On that forum one of the members built the website and phone app called WeCampHere.com. I decided to check it out since I am constantly looking for campsites and found that they had a huge selection of websites. I started submitting reviews. The owner, either through the forum or Facebook, discovered this blog and asked me to write a guest post or two. As I happen to like the owner, found the site a great resource for finding campsites, and we were stationary so I didn't have much to blog about here, I decided to give it a try. I had so much fun writing the first one that inspiration struck for the next few. The owner wanted to do an interview for the latest one.....

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