Cruisin Outside Of Charleston, SC

While in the Charleston, SC area, we decided to jump into the truck and checkout the beach.  Since we had just left a wonderful beach in Texas, there was some excitement to compare the two.  

You just really can't comprehend the colors in the scenery here.  The pictures just don't do them justice.

Here you have my one and only picture of the beach area.  Why?  Well I just wasn't in the mood to park my care two miles from the beach and the PAY to get on the beach.  It was too late in the day to get your money's worth and we had just spent a month on a free beach....

My biggest regret was that I didn't get pictures of the two Double Wide Trailers stacked up on cinder blocks to protect from flooding.  It was a feat of redneck engineering that you could have parked a big rig under.


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