Florida Fantasy Or Bust

So we had headed out of Charleston, SC, our intended destination was somewhere outside of Savannah, Ga.  It was to be a mere 2.5 hour drive.  It turned into a Florida or Bust Drive.  We arrived at our campground and I got that feeling.  It was a beautiful campground but I just didn't want to stay.  It is one of those things you just can't explain but we have learned to listen to it.  We decided instead to push on to Florida and have a weekend of rest between moves.

Funny thing about the picture below, the words changed just as I was snapping my picture.  When you looked at the picture on the camera it would actually change....

Ahoy!  What is that I do see?

 Is it a Dream or perhaps a Fantasy I gleam?

Almost there....I can almost read the name

Oh my goodness.... Oh my goodness...

She is but a Fantasy I see....

Alas she hath sailed away without me...

Random Florida Beach Shot


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