Kennedy Space Center, The Last of Our NASA Visits

I am just gonna say it.  KSC has JSC beat by a long shot in my opinion.  Kennedy is immersive and Johnson is interactive.  What does this mean?  Well, Kennedy gives you the experience of being in a Space Shuttle Launch, being in Launch Control during an Apollo Launch, walking across the gang plank into the white room, kids can climb into the different types of capsules (Gemini, Apollo, Mercury), and walking among the rockets in the garden.  Kennedy was about the history and really experiencing it.  Other than the compound tour, Johnson was more about using new technology and shiny computer interactive things, half of those computers were not up and running.  

This globe spins and you can see the different stars and constellations on it.

This attraction was a bit dated but the kids loved it.


When you came out of the Robot Scout experience this was on the walls....


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