Our First EPCOT Visit Of This Trip

Some history first, I had ridden Spaceship Earth once.  I was 19 at the time and thought it lame.  They had redone it a few years back but we'd never taken the kids on it.  So our first order of business, since the line was walk on, was to ride it.  Sorry no pics of the inside but I didn't find it so lame now and the kids liked it more than I had.

 Next up was Soarin' to California.  
 We had decided to head to Epcot to watch Illuminations.  Epcot, in my opinion, is the least kid oriented park at WDW.  We do have one ride that we have to go on.  Malestrom in Norway.  Sure it's a bit cheesy but that's why we like it.  We walked out of Norway and found a spot to watch Illuminations.

Not bad from a point and click camera.... then we headed back to the Fort.


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