The Day We Lost Our Ever Lovin Minds

Yeah, I know the last post had Animal Kindgom photos as well BUT I have no photos for the park we visited in between and this is Shawn taking photos.  

I'm going to try to give you a play by play narration BUT due to the length of time since we were at WDW and the length of time we stayed there.... things are a bit blurry.  Also we weren't as vigilant about taking the camera.

So if I have my days right.  We got separated when the boys had to back and get a Lanyard holding a ticket.  Me and the girl decided to head on out to AK so we could ride Expedition Everest.  It was to be her first time.  She sat there as if she was riding a golf cart.  She said it was ok but didn't want to use the FP we had gotten.  We headed over to Dinoland to meet the boys but they had just gotten on the bus at the Fort.  So we decided to ride Dinosaur for the first time to see if the family would like it.  She closed her eyes for the whole ride.  We decided to pass on having the whole family do it.

We finally reunite with the boys and head to the Safari.

Safari # 3

We also rode the Kali River Rapids, twice without getting off.  They offered a third but we were wet enough and three is the charm.  We went to watch A Bugs Life.  At this point I was checking my Touring Plans App and discovered that, due to the forecasted rain, the Magic Kingdom was having really short wait times.  We decided to hop over to MK, eat at Tortuga Tavern, ride Pirates of the Caribean, and Splash Mountain (which had been closed every other time we'd been in MK this trip).

Picture Proof of Splash Mountain-

Picture Proof of Pirates -

Then we went back to the campground to get some well deserved rest.  Someone parasailing on Bay Lake

We decided to check out the Campfire Sing A Long with Chip & Dale.  After the campfire singalong we lost our ever lovin minds and went BACK to the Magic Kindgom.  You see MK had late Magic Hours.  After the fireworks things emptied out again and ride times were low.... lower than on our MNSSHP night.

All these were taken with my phone.  Christmas decorations were already up.

 We took a turn at being a space ranger with buzz, twice.

 This was on the people mover -

Shawn took the kids to ride The Tomrrow Land Speedway (which I strongly dislike) while I decided to get my spine maladjusted on Space Mountain.  All I can say is don't get in the back seat....

On the way out we tried one of the interactive shows.  Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.... we weren't that guy.

Then we decided to head back home for a very very chilly boat ride.  One last shot of the castle.

On this particular day we took every from of transportation that WDW provides.  Internal Fort Bus, Bus to Animal Kingdom, Bus to the Transportation & Ticket Center, Monorail to Magic Kingdom, Magic Train from Main Street to Frontier Land, Boat from Magic Kingdom back to the Fort, Boat from Fort Back to Magic Kingdom, The People Mover, and finally the small resort boat back to the Fort.


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