Farewell Y'all...

I know the posts have been fewer and fewer of late.  I know we have been blessed with an opportunity most will never experience.  I know there is much of this country we still have to see.  I also know  there comes a time when change is about to happen.  I know the signs have been pointing to settling down again and I know it's time to heed them.
We always knew that this was a journey, a temporary lifestyle.  I never aspired to spend the rest of my life on the road or homeschooling my kids but applaud those who do.  This was an amazing opportunity that we seized.  I know I may or may not get to see it the rest of the country.  I am ok with that and am looking forward to what comes next.

I know this blog started out as a simple Airstreaming restoration blog but it became so much more to us.  Since we outgrew and sold Minerva and are now looking to settle down, it now seems like the right time to close this blog.

We thank those of you who followed us.  We thank those of you whom we now call friends.  We thank those of you will find this blog in the future and we hope you find it informative, useful, or just entertaining.

We hope to see you on the road.

Traveling Across the US...A Slideshow

Shawn, Nicki & The Kiddos


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